Breast milk is an invaluable source of nutrition for a baby’s development. Therefore, as soon as they show signs of low milk intake, the mothers should take timely solutions.

What is the sign of low milk supply?

Each mother’s body has enough milk to feed their babies at least 6 months after birth. That is the research conclusion of the World Health Organization WHO. However, the ability to store the milk of each mother is not the same. If the mother does not provide enough milk according to the baby’s needs, it is a sign that the mother is low.

How is the low milk supply phenomenon recognized?

Mother’s body does not produce much milk

Breastfeeding is the symbol of a mother. Normally, about 3 days after birth, the amount of breast milk secreted will increase gradually to ensure enough milk for the baby. If Even after a few days of childbirth if the breast milk is still low as on day one it is a sign that the mother is low.

Mother’s breasts are flat

Full breasts are a manifestation of much milk. Without milk, the breasts will be small and soft, without a feeling of tightness in the chest. The mother will also feel tired, cannot have food normally. They will have difficulty in breathing.

Mother has clogged milk

Here, the mother has adequate milk. However, the milk gets clogged; the breasts become so tight with unbearable pain. The ribs become obstructed. Mom will feel stressed, inhibited, uncomfortable.

Signs of Low Milk Supply

Baby expression

Time to breastfeed is short

If the mother has enough milk, the baby will usually suck well. The mouth will open, suck slowly and steadily. Even if the amount of milk is plentiful, the baby occasionally has milk.

Conversely, if less breast milk, the baby will suckle for a while. The baby refuses to breastfeed or is not interested, not concentrating at feeding time. At such times, usually, the baby only takes a brief time to drink.

Baby’s slow growth, often fussy

Breast milk is an invaluable source of nutritious food for the baby. If the mother has a low milk supply, she will not get enough nutrients, which will lead to growth retardation. About 5 days after birth, an increase in weight of 20-30 g per day is standard. If your baby has not yet reached this level, check to see if you have any signs of low milk or not!

Few diaper changes

If the baby has little energy, the amount of “emitted” is also less. Therefore, a negligible amount of stool and urine, a minor change in diapers a day may implicitly show that the baby is not getting enough milk.

Symptoms of baby dehydration

Besides, if your baby’s urine is dark, the mouth is dry or skin is yellow, it’s because of dehydration. Breast milk deficiency is a common cause of a baby’s dehydration.

Signs of Low Milk Supply

The reason mom has less milk

Any changes in the body can directly affect the mother and baby.

Causes for low milk supply for mother

Hormonal changes: Mothers with hormonal imbalances in the postpartum period will often lack milk for babies. The primary cause of mothers with low milk supply often comes from stress, lack of sleep after birth.

Matter of mammary glands: During pregnancy, if the breasts are not fully developed, the breasts will not have enough milk production tissue (called milk-making / lactating glands). Mothers who had undergone surgery or radiation in the chest would find it difficult to produce enough milk for their babies. Sore nipples are for irregular breastfeeding or baby suckling. This made mom feel sore.

Medication during and after pregnancy: During pregnancy and after childbirth, if the mother had undergone surgery or radiation on her breast she would have taken drugs. It may affect milk production.

Causes of poor feeding for babies

If a baby is separated from the mother too early and fed with formula, the baby will have difficulty in breastfeeding.

If the baby is not breastfed regularly, the mother’s mammary gland will not stimulate to work regularly. A decrease in or discontinuation of milk production will occur.

How to overcome low milk supply?

There are three ways to overcome by promptly detecting the signs of low milk supply for mothers.

Signs of Low Milk Supply

Breast pump for low milk supply

Breast pumps for low milk supply is a close friend to mothers feeding babies. Using a breast pump offers a lot of benefits. You can just pump out when there’s a lot of milk to avoid clogging of milk. Storage of milk for the baby when mom goes to work. Frequent pumping helps stimulate the milk glands more suitable for mothers with less milk.

For those who are low on milk, mothers should divide the breast milk daily. The more they suck and the more persistent the milk is. Also, regular breastfeeding is an excellent way to help support milk.

Besides using a breast pump to stimulate milk, the most important thing for mothers is to keep themselves a comfortable spirit, avoid stress, and have a reasonable resting diet. Mothers can drink all kinds of beneficial milk and milk food to replenish nutrients for the body.

In breastfeeding, you should also be very patient with daily routines. Listen to music while relaxing to make sure it will significantly improve the status of less milk.

And finally, mom needs to choose the best breast pump for low milk supply. For those low-milk mothers who want to stimulate their milk, electric breast pumps are always the best choice.

Breastfeed your baby properly

The mother should breastfeed her baby evenly on both sides of her breast. This helps to stimulate the milk glands on both sides to avoid clogged milk.

Feed your baby on demand, do not stick to a regular schedule. The best time frame is the baby’s biological clock. Usually around 2-3 hours, a newborn will need to get breastfed once. If the baby sleeps too much, the mother should wake and encourage the baby to suckle often.

Signs of Low Milk Supply

Train your breasts to regulate milk

In the prior days of breastfeeding, the body, especially the breast, has not adapted to the milk production. Therefore, the mother should facilitate breast milk regularly. In parallel with breastfeeding, mothers should often express milk for reserve when needed.

Get enough rest

Childbirth takes a lot of mother’s strength. The mother needs to rest, provide enough nutrients to produce enough milk for the baby. I hope you will recognize the signs of low milk intake in time to fix it!