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When Is the Best Time for a Newborn Baby to Bathe?

When Is the Best Time for a Newborn Baby to Bathe?

If the infant is not hygienic, the skin will quickly become dirty, itchy and cause infection. Ensuring proper infant bathing is important. To avoid young children weak resistance to colds, parents need to capture exactly the best time to bathe their children. So when is the best time to bathe babies? Readers let Bao Ha Spa find out the following article.

When Is the Best Time for a Newborn Baby to Bathe?

Bath time for babies

The best time for bathing a child is between 10 and 11 am or 15 to 16 pm. Especially for children who have a habit of taking a bath and then sleeping will be very good. Because this is an extremely ideal form of relaxation for babies, babies will sleep deeply, especially good for physical development and height.

A few notes to keep in mind when bathing a newborn

Baby shower place

Mothers should choose milk-sealed places to avoid direct wind such as bedrooms, bathrooms … Because the newborn’s resistance is quite weak, if the wind drafts directly into the baby’s room, it is easy to get a cold, books nose.

Baby shower room temperature

The best room temperature for newborn baths ranges from 28 degrees C to 29 degrees Celsius. In the summer, moms can adjust the room temperature to 1 to 2 degrees down from 26 degrees or 27 degrees Celsius. Mom also noted that limiting the use of air conditioners in too cold mode or heaters in excess of temperature will cause the baby to be “body heat shock”. By regulating body temperature in the brain of an uninformed infant is very susceptible to heat stroke, dangerous to health.

How long is the bath time for babies?

Bathing babies should not take too long. Only expose your baby to water for 3 to 7 minutes. If the baby stays in the water for too long, it is easy to catch a cold, runny nose due to the infant’s resistance.

When Is the Best Time for a Newborn Baby to Bathe?

How to bath babies properly, science to avoid infection

Prepare before bathing your baby

  • Bathroom: ensure airtight, room temperature 24 degrees Celsius
  • Prepare a small bath towel and a large soft cotton cloth
  • Preparation for baby bath tub: 1 large basin and 1 small basin (large basin used for bathing, small basin used for flushing clean water after bathing)
  • Prepare shower gel / soap for babies: use only for babies, no chemicals, no colorings and preservatives
  • Sterile cotton and cotton swabs
  • Clothing, diapers, diapers, socks, socks, hats NướcWater temperature: ensure 37 degrees C to 38 degrees C

Instructions for proper bathing of babies

  • Take off baby’s clothes and diaper gently. Massage your baby’s body with high-grade essential oil to keep the body warm, avoid jaundice, avoid constipation, stimulate the digestive system, help the baby’s skeletal muscle system be strong …
  • Wash and rinse your baby with baby shampoo specifically designed for babies. Then use a soft cloth to wipe clean.
  • Bathe your baby at a water temperature of 36 to 37 degrees C. Gently clean the limbs – groin armpits – whole body – genitals.
  • Rinse again with clean water.
  • Dry baby, diaper, clothes, socks and apply cajeput essential oil to keep warm.
  • Use gentle cotton swab to clean the nose, ears and eye drops for babies.
What Causes Bad Odor During Pregnancy?

What Causes Bad Odor During Pregnancy?

One of the most embarrassing things that happen during pregnancy is bad odor or a very sensitive feels of smell. Normally, the pregnancy changes your hormone levels drastically and it twist to impact your sensory functions and emotions as well. With this unexpected change in your basal metabolic rate and improved blood supply to your entire parts of the body such as vagina, armpits and uterus as well as in all places your glands work eventually. So, you might feel yourself not sensing fresh as a daisy any longer suddenly. Also, the pregnancy revolves your nose into a bloodhound and you might not obtain in excess of an unclean odor your body emits.

To avoid this foul smell, one can choose to use the best deodorant for pregnancy that gives fresh feel and fragrance yourself and others. The body smell can be one of the several changes that you might experience during pregnancy. Even some women might be able to manage it with the lifestyle and dietary changes, but still some need a doctor’s attention. This body odor does not indicate the abnormal or unpleasant odor and it can also be a normal odor due to sweating. Now, there are many pregnancy safe deodorants available in the market, so pick the best deodorant is an absolute essential for pregnant women. Before using it, you can ensure that it is safe to use without causing any side effects.

What Causes Bad Odor During Pregnancy?

What causes body odor during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, the estradiol hormone increases and result in the heightened feel of smell. It is also very simple to deal with the odors come from outsider, but this foul odor that emits from your own body can be intolerable. However, understand the fundamental reason for bad smelling odor can greatly assist with coping them. Below are some of the basic reasons for powerful body odor during pregnancy that includes:

Hormonal change

With a sudden change in the hormonal levels of your body, particularly with improved amounts of estradiol, your body delivers a powerful odor. In fact, the hormones are major reason for bitter smell. The main areas that hormones affect are armpits, genitals and uterus. That is why; underarm odor during pregnancy is most common among the hoping mothers.

More sweating

During pregnancy, the body temperature increases and the pregnancy women are commonly having a low tolerance while dealing with heat. The more weight you can carry also creates you sweat a lot on even on freezing days. The sweat glands in pregnant women have become hyperactive and also intensify your body smell. When it deposits on skin, it makes an environment for bacteria to flourish cause bitter body odor during pregnancy.

Change in diet

The healthy food items are a major portion of pregnancy and several hoping mothers can consume a wide variety of nutritious foods. But, the specific food can cause changes in body odor. Even the red meat has amino acids that cause sweat smell for a couple of hours or a whole day. On the other hand, if you experience any vagina secretions that have a strange odor or color, you should contact your doctor immediately.

Preparation for breastfeeding

When you are pregnant, typically your body is preparing for lactation. Normally, your body will identify you by your smell and it is natural that the strong odor will grab your baby closer to you.

Improved sensitivity

With a rapid improvement in the hormone levels, the pregnant women experience the different sensations and cravings. If people around you have not noticed your odor, but you have feel, you just blame it on your improved sensitivity to those things.

Tips for getting rid of pregnancy body odor

Below are some useful tips for getting rid of pregnancy body odor that includes:

Keep your skin fresh and neat

When you take shower, keep the container with some water and squeeze a few drops of lemon. After using this, rinse with water in another container with a little bit of honey. This mixture leaves your skin soft, fresh, smooth and neat for a long.

Take bathe minimum two times per day

You can take shower at least two times per day. You can also use an anti-bacterial soap to kill bacteria that causes foul odor. Also use clean towels to wipe yourself dry.

Shampoo your hair regularly

You can wash your hair regularly with shampoo minimum three times per week. Also, keep your comb dry and clean at all times.

Stay hydrated

Drink fluids to control your body smell, when the water flushes out entire toxins from your body and keep your system clean.

Eat right amount of food

Avoid consuming garlic, onions and red meat in large amounts. You just stick to fruits and green vegetables, where they will minimize body smell and also beneficial to fetus.

Wear breathable and loose clothes

Wear clothes like cotton and linen that are more breathable and also avoid wearing the same clothes. After one use, wash them cleanly.

Stay pruned and trimmed

Hair in the underarms and genitals can build up sweat and create bacteria on the skin. So, keep it always trimmed, so it does not create sweat.

Use antiperspirant, deodorant or powder

Apply deodorant powder on your underarms to smell fresh. If you sweat plentifully, you can use an antiperspirant that would be more effective. Be fresh and stay happy and listen mild music to have a great day.


After maintaining the impeccable standard of eating right and personal hygiene, you might also experience extreme body smell. In such case, you can consult your doctor and they suggest some medicated soap or best deodorant for pregnancy, which you might be taking. You must also remember that your body smell will never hazard your baby. Therefore, the procedures above mentioned are some of the best and safest ways to get rid of body odor as well as maintain the personal hygiene too. Let you try them out in a careful way and do not bother too much and make a try.

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